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pennsylvania avenue to today's healthcare summit. even president obama acknowledged the gap between republicans and democrats on the issue may be too far. >> politics i think ended up trumping practical common sense. >> reporter: republicans party spokesperson began repeating gop claims that the current bill should be ripped up. >> we believe we have a better idea. reducing healthcare costs. and start over. let's go step-by-step toward that goal. >> they don't have the time for us to start over. >> reporter: he later challenge the president's claim. >> you are wrong about your bill. >>i'm pretty certain i'm not wrong. >> reporter: both sides have a point. premiums will be 13% highier. both policies would cover medical service and half of subscribers would be eligible for subsidies. john mccain brought up that the healthcare negotiations took place in front of cnn cameras. >> let me make the point because we are not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> reporter: democrats could ram healthcare reform through by using senate budget reconciliation rules w
. kaptur of ohio. mr. murphy of pennsylvania. mr. young of florida. >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to claim my five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. young: mr. speaker, i rise this evening to speak to the memory of one of my close friends, one of my colleagues, my partner and a man with whom i have spent so many hours, so many days to so many years as we worked together on the national defense appropriations bill, and i'm speaking of the late chairman jack murtha. in keeping with his legislative management style, i'll be brief, because as we presented our defense appropriations bills, the last meeting that we would have somewhere in the chamber here would be, hey, look, this is a good bill. it's not controversial, let's pass it quick. we ought to be able to get it done in eight or 10 minutes, which we normally did. jack was a good leader, a good chairman. when we had discussions on the hundreds and hundreds of issues in that bill, his concern always was, what is best to keep america safe, what is best to keep americans safe, and what is best to give our sold
it will come into northern pennsylvania and southern new york state. a lot of this snow we have seen in pennsylvania will work back down into maryland. the storms strengthening will mean it will buffet as with some very strong winds. that is where the high wind warning is in effect. -- that is why the high wind warning is in effect. do you think folks are ready for the second part of this storm? >> i think they are, considering what we have had the past couple of weeks. i think we will be ok. things have picked up here in northwest baltimore in the past couple of hours. nothing crazy, but you can tell the queen has picked up. the main concern will be power outages -- the wind has picked up. the main concern will be power outages. you get a good guest of wind and the saturated ground and the wind is going to not that tree down -- not that tree down. but b.g.e. says they are prepared for whatever happens. >> not so much a major snow event, but rather, a major wind event. we could have sustained gusts at 30 miles per hour with wind gusts at 50. there may be difficulties sending personne
to the pennsylvania line. the wind is continuing to gust over 40 miles per hour. keep this in mind. this is not going to be a great friday morning drive. we will look at the seven-day forecast. first, we will see what is happening on the roads. this will be a difficult drive. >> this will be one of those rights, where you can leave extra early and once you get out there, try not to rush. we have an accident at fox meadow. we are looking at several accidents. north at mount carmel, and delays going inthe northbound direction. we still have a down poll, and we still have some lane closures that are there. that is not all that we have there, with the high wind. there are wind restrictions and this is blowing this note back into the road. when this is treated, there will be snow in the road and a difficult drive. we will show you what is happening with the live cameras. harrisburg expressway, they are moving smoothly but we have the accident prior to the median, that will make things difficult. we have win restrictions in effect, and wind warnings in effect. the area bridges can be very treacherous. hold
to drift out of pennsylvania and will do so for the rest of the morning. the heaviest stuff is at the pennsylvania line. 1-3 inches of accumulation for most of you. a little bit more near the pennsylvania line. winds will continue gusting between 40 and 50 miles an hour. windchills will be in the teens all day today. highs in the low 30's . address for temperatures in the teens or single digits this morning. keep that in mind if you have to stand at the bus stop. let's go to sarah caldwell to check on the roads. i assume it's going to be rough. >> that is the case. leave early. the last thing you want to do is rush, because it is slick and the wind is making this note below back onto the road. if there's a downed tree at delaney valley at --. 152 at fox meadow in jared's bill, there's an accident with lanes closed. in howard county, underwood road, all lanes are closed due to fall in wires. a difficult situation there. take 32 or 97 as an alternate. there's a downed power pole, sanza road closed at 408 in anne arundel county. the wind is going to cause issues with trees and
, rhode island. the forecast is for it to continue working down toward northern pennsylvania. a lot of the snow in pennsylvania will work its way down into the baltimore metro area and time for the friday morning rush hour. that system may linger in our area and impact whether right into the weekend. more details on the developing storms situation coming up. >> for the latest on the weather, be sure to watch 11 news today, 30 minutes today,4:30. you can follow the forecast our website, >> police are asking for your help in finding an inmate who they say should not have been released from the maryland correctional center in baltimore. officials are looking for this man. he is 26-year-old raymond taylor. he was serving three life sentences for attempted murder. they say he was erroneously released after a mixup between inmates. >> raymond taylor reported to the front of the cell and handed this officer the i.d. card present being himself as another inmate. he recited numbers belonging to in made johnson, and the officer removed him and escorted them had the -- to the contr
air. all in the form of snow over pennsylvania, new jersey, parts of new york state and will be wrapping in snow possibly tonight. late overnight as the low parks itself over northeastern portions of pennsylvania. so that's why we have the potential of maybe getting more accumulation, potentially into early morning hours tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory tonight through tomorrow. as we see the snow potential over baltimore county, baltimore county, harford and carroll counties and included with that is arundel county. so watch it closely. western maryland under a warning. as well as the eastern shore, delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey for tonight into tomorrow as the potential gross. here is what it looks like future scan. predicted snowfall model. computer run here. showing the chance for snow. especially northern baltimore county. 2 or more inches could be higher north. and then parts of the eastern shore getting snow as well. my numbers, this is what i am thinking. possibly, 3 to 5 inches across the northern tier of the county, baltimore county, heart 40
to pennsylvania. he was 77 years old. in an unpretentious -- in an unprecedented vice-presidential as of today, current and vice -- joe biden and dick cheney sparred over the war and terror. >> the war on terror sparked a war of words between vice- president joe biden and former vice president dick cheney. >> the administration was slow to come to the recognition of been at war. >> it is one thing to be outspoken, and another thing to be outspoken in a way that misrepresents the facts. >> the vice president's debated whose policy was best and where to try collegiate muhammed and the arrest of the christmas day bomber -- khalid shekih mohammed. >> he was treated the exact way that the issue bomber was treated. >> richard reid read his miranda rights within five minutes of being removed from the airplane. another massive attack by al qaeda is unlikely. >> they are not able to do anything remotely like they were in the past. they are on the run. i do not know where dick cheney has been. >> tuesday that was a big attack on 9/11 -- to say that was a big attack on 9/11 -- >> al qaeda is waiting to l
to the funeral service for congressman john murtha of pennsylvania. he died last monday following gallbladder surgery. congressman murtha, who was 77, served in the u.s. house from 1975, the first vietnam veteran to be elected to the chamber. he will be buried at grand view cemetery at johnstown, pennsylvania. we will take you live to johnstown, where they are at this moment interviewing show says stack -- joe sestak. >> that is a public servant, not a politician. i think if anything is going to beç missed, it is going to be w he garnered such a vast amount of respect from everyone. i do not say that lightly. he would have been a great commanding officer. >> all right, congressman joe sestak. thank you. i'm going to asked him to come back andç join me. he is from "the tribune" here in johnstown. he is the editor. i want to talk about the logistics of this funeral. tell us about that. >> it is a very fascinating process. folks are seeing that the weather has been a factor, and dealing with it is part of the preparation. i.t. he would probably have to say the local road crews have those fol
down slowly across pennsylvania. from harrisburg through pennsylvania. we expect to see snow at times tonight. in thru through tomorrow. main factor, being winds. because of that, we have wind warnings that will go on until later tonight. high-wind warnings through almost the entire region. blizzard warnings for almost all of maryland. and eastern shore and delaware ask jersey, pennsylvania. we have winter storm warnings for the snow and wind combinations. bernadette in the outback. bernadette has a look at the winds we are expecting and the current winds going on around the region. >> reporter: that's right, the winds starting to pick up. and really, circulating this atmosphere. we had sunshine once again. want to show you the winds we had around the region. we are expecting in the purple area, wind gusts in the 50-mile- an-hour range. that will start to pick up. as bob was saying, tonight into tomorrow morning. still windy tomorrow. but the peak would be overnight into the overnight hours. >>> you can see 21 milesar hour. 30 in identification city. -- ocean city. 32 in baltimore. an
the trucking companies. we have been working with virginia and pennsylvania to put the message boards up. our neighbors in pennsylvania had to close route 80 and route 81 and route 83. we have been coordinating low gist -- logistics with them. we put those up on the messaging boards. we have seen a great reduction in the amount of truck traffic on the roads. we appreciate that. to those that are shipping goods and things across interstate lines, we appreciate their heeding the warning and bricking the truckers -- and bringing the truckers in until the conditions pass. wee have never experienced these conditions before. all of that communication is going well. it has reduced the truck traffic. yes, sir. [inaudible] >> sure. i want to correct something which is why we have press secretary here. i said closing state highways. i meant closing state offices. we will close state offices tomorrow. once again, we are not closing state highways. state offices. we are working with pennsylvania on limited closures with regard to the drifting and the like. i can't give you a number in terms of the eco
the snow starts to fall. eastern shore under the warning into delaware. eastern portions of pennsylvania, new jersey. some areas up there, north of philadelphia getting 20 inches. we're talking about a lot of snow north. but here, accumulation, manageable but shoveling. rain mixing with snow overnight. and decent snow coming down during the rush hour. tapering off with snow showers. and then the winds pick up across the area. detailed look at where the heavy snow comes down across maryland coming up with the forecast. >> thank you, vytas. and be sure to tune in tomorrow to fox 45 morning news for the latest on traffic delays and school closing, and, of course, the forecast. fox 45 morning news starts at 5:00. >> and track the winter weather with i-radar at track the storms down to your street. go to >> the recent snow storms have been rough on equipment. making for costly repairs. keith daniels is live at the salt shed on falls road where the crews are ready. >> crews are home now resting. they are expected back here early tomorrow morning, whe
will be opening 90 minutes late, no morning prek. red lion school district in pennsylvania closed also with southern york county, pennsylvania schools will be closed here today. all right. let's take a look at the weather and continue with the news on "good morning, maryland." >> yeah, by the way, those people watching us up in pennsylvania, the dallastown school district, the superintendent's from alaska. thought it was a joke. told me it's the truth, and he almost never closes. they are the last place to close in york county. there's been complaints about that with the last few storms. if we get something, we'll pass it on to you. check out the winds. you are laughing at me over there, marybeth, running our cameras, but it's the truth. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour or higher. there's middletown in frederick county. hanover, anne arundel community county and glen burnie looking at winds at 50 miles per hour this morning. we're sweatching over to veterans elementary. look at the wind already gusting to 41 miles per hour. that takes the wind chill down to 12. we'll zoom in now on m
hour. we are in the upper 20's and 30's. the snow is coming down and out of pennsylvania. in annapolis, going down to montgomery county, this is no big deal. the hardest-area will be northeast maryland. this is 1-3 inches on average. this will be blowing around all over the place. the visibility is bad and the wind is gusting, but this will be tapering off and heavier snow will be coming down. we will see wind gusts between 20-50 miles per hour all day. the seven-day forecast is coming up, in a few minutes. >> cold and flu season is here, and when your nose is running, what medications should you take? the doctors say that there is no one cure for the common cold and it is best to focus on a single ingredient. if you have a dry cough, tripe [unintelligible] and sudoeffedrin will dry your nose. if the symptoms are getting worse, please call your doctor. many medications act differently in children. you can go to for more information. it is 5:22. >> fireworks and plenty of action. we are looking at the celebration that is keeping the olympic spirit alive. >> we have blustery c
game in pennsylvania. >>> tragic ments. newly released video offers a different view of the 1986 "challenger" disaster. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello. good morning. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with a tall order. while president obama's budget blueprint has dozens of goals, this morning the focus on the mammoth spending plan has narrowed down to two key areas, boosting job creation now while cutting the deficit in half by 2013. now it's up to congress and the white house to find common ground. >> reporter: the obama budget hit capitol hill with a record splash of red ink. $3.8 trillion in proposed spending. 1.6 trillion more than the revenue that will come in. a deficit that's 10.6% of our whole economy. no choice said president obama and no quick fix. >> we won't be able to bring down this deficit overnight given the recovery is still taking hold and families across the country still need help. we will continue, for example, to do what it takes to create jobs. >> reporter: there's $100 billion for job creation and cuts in 120 nonessential programs lik
whipped up with a vengeance. much of new england is buried by snow, also new york and pennsylvania. the winter storm prompted massive cancellations of flights per a passengers expecting to have two locations in the northeast are left to recalculate. >> i will probably be late for the first day of school. >> he is an exchange student due in beijing tomorrow. >> they are sending me to a flight to dallas tomorrow morning. >> this woman wanted to pay her boyfriend a quick visit in louisville. she had to fly to north korea all flights there are grounded. >> we did not get snow. >> canceled flights pale in comparison to what they are dealing with north of us. snowe has knocked out power to thousands of people. at reagan national airport, she is pursuing her options. >> i cannot even get to new york to get to louisville. we will see what happens. >> if you are heading to the northeast, you may want to check with your carrier. give them a call or go online. flights heading to the west, the south, the northwest appear to be departing on schedule. >>> when you call you have to wait on hold.
pennsylvania cardmembers are on duty in iraq and afghanistan -- pennsylvania guard members are on duty in iraq and afghanistan. finally, thei] real truth withdrawal is happening, but we must keep those on the front lines in our prayers every day until all of them come home safely. [applause] it is a great relief that the stryker brigade is back in the united states after serving so brilliantly in iraq. i am honored their colonel is with us today. so, too is lieutenant-colonel scott perry, the state rep, and we also welcome home another one of our own, who completed his second tour of duty in iraq, where he served in a black hawk helicopter for the army national guard. [applause] we are thankful they and so many others have come home safe and sound, and i was going to ask them to stand and be recognized, but you have already done that. colonel, it is an honored to have you with us today. colonel, know the the stryker brigade's great and effective work in iraq was noticed five all of us, and we're so pleased by their mission and the low amount of casualties they suffered. sadly, two pennsylvania
of the beltway, carroll, howard county, points west and north in through southern pennsylvania. we're looking at clear skies, clouds to the west are still probably going to hold off until probably lunchtime, that system is a vigorous one. the question is how will it truly impact the region when it passes overhead. we're looking basically to start at 13 degrees this morning. we'll warm up today and we'll talk more about that and how much snow you can expect in a bit. >>> 5:31. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. justin is flowing freely mostly around the area, no problems on 695, 83 checking in clean and southbound on 795 headed towards the beltway no problems there as well. on some of the side streets in anne arundel county the 8700 block of fort smallwood road, eastbound side, going to see the right lane taken away because of a gas main leak repair. also in laurel route 1 closed in both directions at conte road because of a utility pole down in the intersection from an earlier accident. so expect that to be closed for the majority of the morning. as we peek at the city streets, pre
's capital through it again. >> in pennsylvania there was a massive pileup shutting down the road. >> first, this is a look at traffic on liberty road and 45. we want to get you up-to-date on whatever traffic there is out there in addition to >> welcome back. 5:09 is the time, 31 degrees at the maryland science center. the temperatures are in the upper 20's and low 30's's. a breeze coming out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour or so. it's 26 in chinatown, 30 degrees at rock hall on the eastern shore. -- 26 in tontitown. you want to dress for the windchills, which are much cooler than the temperatures. by this afternoon, that will be decreasing to about 10-15 miles an hour with some higher gusts, high temperatures near 30 or so. we will look at the seven-day forecast and get what is on tap for valentine's day weekend. but the dangerous weather conditions turn deadly a long one interstate in pennsylvania. one person was killed and 20 others injured in a pileup on interstate 80. the highway patrol says 50 vehicles, mostly tractor trailers, were involved in an accident. the virginia governor
. with the wind blowing like this. >>reporter: parts of pennsylvania, new york and new jersey have a full fledge blizzard on their hands at this hour. they are dealing with treacherous wednesday plus potential for up to 2 feet of snow. back at home not a lot of snow here but again strong strong winds. dangerous. >> that's right. jessica star is to tell us how long the blustery conditions will stick around. hi jess. >> this is a very strong low pressure system that unfortunately sticks with us the next 24 hours bringing snow band to our region. that is what we will experience. we will see some burst of snow showers overnight tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. you can see stronger storms moving until carol frederick county. not a huge accumulation but we could see a dusting overnight tonight and the area of strong low pressure is a big system, too. stemming from new york and pennsylvania back towards ohio and michigan and bringing down those snow showers. here's the area of low pressure system. a strong low pressure off long island and the wrap around snow showers that is what we are d
. philadelphia art museum downhill, a new olympic event. pennsylvania's snow update and all things political with governor ed rendell. >>> iran's government marching supporters on its 31st anniversary. three grim reapers in this video, as seen on youtube, represent the united states, great britain and israel. pockets of demonstrators tried to protest today. we can't verify everything we're seeing. this cell phone video shows what is reportedly happening in the streets. >>> and the website of opposition leader reports that his 65-year-old wife was among those beaten by government militias today. >>> senator joe lieberman along with senator john mccain later, how to put more pressure on the regime. senator lieberman joins us later this hour. >>> day four of the federal government shutdown all due to snow. crews are working overtime, trying to dig the city out of record-setting snowfall. our friend, weather channel meteorologist, mike seidel, joining us live from washington. any improvements downtown today? >> reporter: well, around the capital, andrea, it is looking much better. they treat the
inches especially as you go toward the pennsylvania line. far northern maryland. we'll talk about when it all gets out of here and when we get a chance to melt some of the snow, all coming up. >> thank you. >>> baltimore city is still struggling to clear the snow from the city streets. city officials say most streets have been plowed but many city residents complain they still can't use the sidewalks and their streets have become sheets of ice. rosy jones -- joins us with more on how they are using new ways to get rid of the old snow. >> reporter: baltimore city is looking at every possible way. they are now trying more unconventional ways to do it. snow, if you've had to deal with a lot of inconvenience - >> we tried to do it. it's just ice. we put salt down but still can't do nothing. >> reporter: it's been a week and in some areas it's hard to drive and the sidewalk is simply impossible. the desperate times calls for new ways of thinking. that's a better way of thinking desperate measures. this is not your normal city plow crew. the snow plows and heavy equipment are being driven
the day tomorrow the area of low pressure will come back into pennsylvania. if that means it will get us into snow. the wind is going to kick up on friday with gusts over 40 miles an hour. that will be a bigger story than the snowfall. the wind is what we want to focus on. during the day tomorrow this is how much i expect, an additional one-3 inches of accumulation for most of you. the impact will be felt northeast of us. the closer you go to north philadelphia, or snowfall. in harford county and cecil county there could be up to 5 inches of additional new snowfall. around baltimore and to the west there are in our discussion to be a couple inches. into interior pennsylvania there could be up to 3 feet of snow with this system. we will miss out on this one, but it will turn into a big snowstorm for some people in the northeast. salaries still possible on saturday and sunday. -- snow flurries still possible. an early next week, high temperature of 45 with sunshine on monday. let's see what's happening on the roads with sarah caldwell. >> my children were convinced they would be off today.
essentially across the east coast and even over in pennsylvania. the weather channel's julie martin in king of prussia, pennsylvania, right outside philadelphia. that's under blizzard warnings. what's it like where you are on the highways? apparently the governor announced three highways are closed. >> he's up to all four major highways in pennsylvania, everything except the toll portions. everyone ordered to stay off of the roads. i can tell you i'm right by the pennsylvania turnpike, i can see very little movement out there. it does appear people are heeding the warnings. very tough to get around here in the philadelphia area. in fact, buses have basically stopped running. everyone has been told to stay home, for very good reason. it is snowing. we picked up about eight inches of snow. those winds are wicked. they are only going to keep intensifying as the system moves in off the coast. this is a very wet, heavy snow, which means bad news for power, bad news for roof collapses as well. a lot to deal with here through pennsylvania. we'll keep you posted throughout the day in the evening, d
up some snow showers, lake effect, across northern pennsylvania back into new york state. all of that will stay north of us. the clear skies will be with us through most of the morning. a couple of those clouds may drift in later this afternoon. but generally a sunny sky today. we are watching a system in the plain states. this is kind of like a hybrid clipper storm. some energy out of the northern plains. another piece of energy coming across the southern plains. those two will combine to give us a little bit of light snow on tuesday night. up until that time the weather should be fine. we're going to call i it mostly sunny and cold. it's warmer than over the weekend. but still below the seasonal average of 42. sunrise at 7:14. tonight, partly cloudy skies. cold but not as cold as the last few nights with low temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees. the winds will be light and variable. let's talk about this next potential storm. we'll take insta-weather future cast. some activity off to our south. the clouds will thicken up as we head through the day. by the time we get to se
are really picking up. pennsylvania's also getting hit hard right now and philadelphia is just two inches away from setting the record for most snow in a single season ever in the city. before we get to julie martin, let's take a quick look at the radar where julie is in pennsylvania if we have that. again, the radar shows that eastern pennsylvania has been getting hit particularly hard. western pennsylvania bore the brunt of the storm the last several hours overnight. let's get back to julie martin from the weather channel. she's in king of prussia. what's it like where you are? >> reporter: yeah, just about 19, 20 miles northwest of philly here, the snow has been coming down all morning, david. it is not stopping anytime soon. i'll tell you that much. we have a blizzard warning in effect through midnight tonight. we'll be down to zero visibility throughout the afternoon and travel basically at a standstill. i want to show you the pennsylvania turnpike if we could really quick. basically completely deserted this morning. this is a thoroughfare that usually sees half a million cars a day,
get up to two feet of snow in parts of new york state, eastern pennsylvania could get a foot as well as parts of new jersey. and we've had breaks in the clouds and sunshine this morning. we'll have a few clouds racing through the rest of the afternoon and becoming very windy with gusts 35 to 40 miles an hour by sunset and perhaps even higher gusts overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning along with passing snow showers. details on that and a look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, tom, thank you. >> let's get an update on the midday traffic with jerry edwards. >> good morning, ladies. we'll head out and show you it's tough in northern virginia at this hour. two incidents, an accident near backlick road. police dealing with that. and then the roadwork on 95 southbound. so all in all, i think now is about the time you want to think maybe route 1 as an alternate to avoid the 95 southbound side for the time being. the hov lanes are configured for the northbound flow. that will offer no relief at this hour. let's head on over and see how we're doing. look at this. spea
to collapse in pennsylvania. it was during a youth hockey tournament yesterday, it was 30 miles southeast of pittsburgh. the teams were in the locker room and only an employee was on the ice. about 100 people were in the rink at this time but no one was hurt. >>> turns out all this snow has had a positive impact on gas prices. according to aaa the average price for a gallon of gas fell coast-to-coast for the fifth straight week. nationwide, close to 4% for the week that ended february 5th, with the snowfall, the biggest factor for the dropoff. >>> we have some breaking news from haiti tonight. the red cross says a school has collapsed killing three children. the children were in the school when the wall collapsed, about 80 miles north of the capital. heavy rains and small earthquake may have contributed to the collapse. >>> new at 5:00 -- howard county police are searching for a teen and 15-month-old girl. abc2 news cheryl conner joins us with the details. >> reporter: police say the teen is missing from foster care and was babysitting the young girl. 17-year-old shante chamblee was watch
in pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, but there is a stubborn area that is right over the chesapeake bay. zoom in a little bit, the darkest blue bands that you see, one area reaching from carroll county down across and around the county at another band over in delaware, that is where the moderate to heavy snow is falling right now. it is when the driven snow at this stage of the game, with the winds gusting in to the 40's. that is why the blizzard warning is in effect until 10:00 this evening, almost making it much worse. it is the wind or redistributing and drifting of the snow around the area that has made it so bad. when we get out from under all this? >> we are still under the blizzard warning for this region until 10:00. the blizzard conditions may last for a while into the evening hours. the blizzard warning has been dropped in parts of allegheny county, so there are some improvements on the southwest edge of the storm, but for our region, we have a little ways to go. 27 in cambridge, down to 12 degrees in oakland. all across the state, wins, cold, and snow will be with us overnight and
to the north toward pennsylvania. as we look at the big picture and the weather computer you will see we have an area of low pressure. and than upslope mountain snows and that piece of energy has to rotate through. so we can't rule out flurries or snow showers in the first half of the day but a big clipper yesterday midded us to the north. most temperatures below freezing. watch for slick spots. with more on traffic, here's angie. >>> happy tuesday. with the melting and refreezing going on those ramps are very, very slick. look at the outer loop in maryland. the ramp to go northbound on 95 is closed because of crash activity and we have officials on the scene trying to keep them moving out there. be careful taking those ramps. 66 eastbound, no problems to report out of gainesville to centreville and beyond. if we look at the capital beltway in virginia. this is the inner loop 95 to 66. nice and green and clean and 95 in virginia out of fredericksburg area already seeing a little light snow on the pavement. take a look here. past dale city you are clear to the mixing bowl. back to you. >>> man
of the storm up here in eastern pennsylvania. this whole line is going to slowly back down south and west. then get baltimore in some of the snow bands before the storm then pushes back out to sea. it is an unusual situation. what we call a storm retro grade where it rotates back and then goes back out to sea. 35 bwi marshall. it is colder than it has been the rest of the day today. we were up near 40 earlier. winds at 15. gusts today over 40 miles per hour. wind and plenty of cloud cover out there today. we saw breaks of sunshine. some people making the joking combination that this is my wind storm. that's not the case in jersey. they are getting hammered. we'll get hammered by the winds and some snow. we had gusts in the 40s earlier. it will stay gusty all night. pick up after sunrise tomorrow. temperatures now above freezing. anything. >> flies in terms of a wind -- wintry mix will melt. tomorrow we have a winter weather advisory through the baltimore area through the pennsylvania line. carroll county, hartford and baltimore county. also ann arundel county. all the yellow shaded count
with 24 degrees in baltimore. 16 in good old york, pennsylvania, compared to 28 from easton to ocean city. we have a 17 spot here in baltimore. it feels like 9 up towards york, pennsylvania. little wind, cold temperatures, could make a big difference. once again, dealing with the chill. nothing knew. we've done this drill quite a few times this month. there's a band of snow back towards our west. upper level wind flow is supporting that. good news for seven springs in western pennsylvania. they're getting a fresh coating of snow back towards pittsburgh and more back into the mountains of west virginia. as far as we're concerned, the storm skipped by yesterday. now that that storm's out of here. we still have wind and upper level cold flow to enhance, just little disturbances that could actually bring us snow showers this afternoon. once this pattern begins to relax, and it will, we'll lose the grip of cold air, mild stuff moves in. we could have ourselves a four-day stretch of temperatures approaching 40. today we'll get to 37, little melting, but also another snow shower possible. breeze
into pennsylvania and parts of new york state and see as much as 2 feet of snow. we heard that around here. this storm will back end over westerly over parts of pennsylvania and wrap down some of the snow over maryland so there is still potential late overnight into tomorrow morning to get some snow fall across the area. looking at winter weather advisory for baltimore city stretching down to annapolis. pwriz arrested warning over the western edge of the mountains because of the strong winds out there. winter storm warning for delaware and into pennsylvania and then this is what we are looking at. model run. this is the wind we are talking about. looks like we continue to see the strong winds out there over the next several hours through the night tonight. winds stretching out to about 55 miles an hour gust. that is a problem for us tonight as we run into some power outage and even trees coming down on the power liens. we have to watch that very closely. again i have a look at the totals for you coming up in just a bit. >> you can be in charge of your own personal forecast. i rad
areas in new jersey and pennsylvania already have more than a foot of snow. at least three deaths are blamed on the storm. in new york city, a man was killed when he was hit by a snow ledded tree branch and he is walked in central park. another tree fell on a bus. this is a guy aunt storm with a twist. it's going to make a second pass. >> it's the path of the storm, it cuts right across long island. this time of year, those storms will continue to push toward the canadian maritime. not this one. it's literally coming back and hig the exact same areas that it already hit once before it exits our area. >> reporter: it's not just the snow. it's the high winds. gusting to 55 miles per hour in some areas. some 200,000 customers have lost power. and overa thousand airline flights have been canceled at east coast airports. road conditions are going from bad to worse. some interstates in pennsylvania and new jersey have been shut down. >> it's slippery and dangerous and a lot of drivers who have suvs are overconfident in their four-wheel drive and we saw a truck on the highway going 60 pu
and stretching up into pennsylvania and new jersey, reason being is the dredgening off the coast line will be wrapping in snowfall and it looks like as far as what we're looking at as a model. we'll come back to that in a little break. i'll break it down for you and show yao what you're going to get in just a bit. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. iradar is available at news the tools to track number coming stores. go to >> state highway crews with gearing up. presalting is already being done on roads in the western part of the region. crews everywhere are filling their salt trucks with salt so they're ready when this storm hits this time. >> what they predict, it will be, you know, low accumulation. we'll be able to handle. >> state officials are asking everyone to take it very slow when they head out tomorrow. >> city road crews say the storms have been rough on the equipment creating very expensive repairs. keith daniels live where workers are trying to keep up. keith. >> jennifer, we're live at the city garage. wh
coming in and out of the mountains, there is still something heading towards western pennsylvania, and until that can clear our region tomorrow, there is still a chance of a couple -- couple of snow showers. it looks like a significant stock will stay to our west in the mountains. -- it still looks like be significant -- the significant stuff will stay to our west in the mountains. >> folks appear in carroll county as well as in the northern portions of the channel 11 viewing area could feel this clipper storm just a little bit -- folks up here in carroll county. >> i hate this snow. >> it seems a lot of people are feeling like gerry nelson these days. >> it looks like snow. >> talk of more snow heading towards the parts of the channel 11 viewing area. nobody was happy to hear about it. well, almost nobody. >> she is loving it right now. >> what about you? >> i am tired of driving in it. >> just the mention of more snow can send shivers sedan your spine. -- down your spine. he has spent hours digging himself free. >> yes, we had to shovel out our street initially, and we had to sh
in pennsylvania, western maryland and west virginia. we have some returns now showing up in the form of snow and a little mixed rain and snow to the south and west. area still a little bit dry. looking at the darker blues around culpepper, up 29, the air is dry. not thinking we're seeing more than flurries here. all of this moving to the north and east. you can see we have a bigger system which is just off to the west, spinning in from the ohio valley. it's been snowing moderately across parts of ohio, in kentucky, coming out of indiana. all that is moving to the east- northeast. that's why we will see snow develop this afternoon or rain/snow mix. maybe by 1:00, 2:00 in the metro. we are not under a winter weather advisory, or north and west will start at 1:00 to 3:00 tomorrow. to the west, that advisory goes until midnight. how much snow? those answers at about 12:15. >>> thank you, howard. the district is now officially under another snow emergency. right now, ddot and dpw crews are pretreating roads and are cleaning hundreds of snow banks left from last week's storm. officials say the cre
and into seven pennsylvania. freezing rain in reagan national. some rain mixing in with the snow. this will continue to work its way through overnight. a second system is coming in from the west that will keep the slow going at heavy times. the toughest part of this will be the strong wind that follows the storm once it leaves. 50 miles per hour is possible. more on the storm coming up in a few minutes. >> in number of school systems are closed for the rest of the week. anne arundel county, baltimore city, frederick, howard, montgomery, prince george's county, they are all closed for the rest of the week. >> here is a list of school systems closed tomorrow only come about marchetti, carol, dorchester, harford, queen anne's county, they will be closed tomorrow. the combined a complete list on our web complete they also will be running on the bottom of your screen. >> it has been coming down hard all evening. >> we have been down here since 4:30. we are in owings mills. there is tremendous amount of snow already piling up. there is easily about 5 inches as the new snow
on into thursday morning. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, that brought a mid shovel pause. >> no matter how hard we're going to do all this, it's coming back again tomorrow, the next day. >> reporter: as for meg, she and her kids are tired of being cold. tonight they're staying with neighbors who do have power and heat. we still have states of emergency in d.c., virginia, maryland, west virginia and the concern is if we're going to get hit harder in the coming days. >> thanks, tom. >>> john murtha died today. he was one of the most powerful members of congress in the modern era. he was a retired marine officer, a democrat who was a hawk, but who went on to champion pentagon causes before he split and turned against the iraq war. murtha was the longest serving member of congress in pennsylvania history. elected back in 1974. he was also known as the king of poor. shoveling money from congress into his pennsylvania congressional district for roads, post offices and at least one way underused airport. he died from complications following gallbladder surgery. he was 77. >>> sarah palin's defenders went
. the tremendous weather has been going on up in new york. eastern pennsylvania and a lot of heavy rain up through new england right now. it is a powerful coastal storm. for maryland, as we alwaysing thought mainly a winemaker. we'll get snow tonight. it won't stick until the pennsylvania line and beyond. forecast model. i want to break it down time wise. tomorrow morning's commute could be slicker than this morning. this morning wet roads. overnight we dropped to 30 and upper 20s. watch from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. the storm backs in from pennsylvania. then we'll clear out quickly friday into saturday. saturday may be a flurry or two. overnight tonight 30. snow. one did. totals an inch or two of wet snow north of baltimore. as we go into tomorrow high winds continuing. i think our peak winds will occur tonight through mid- morning hours tomorrow. latch out what ever might blow away. tomorrow night dropping to 27. cloudy and dry. quick check of the seven-day forecast. weekend looks good. we have to get through a little bit of snow and a lot of wind overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. >>> the d
lanes of the harrisburg expressway shut down near the pennsylvania state liern. expect that to be closed for some time. outer loop, working a crashing at route 170, left two lanes blocked. pairing parkway, mclain boulevard. pasadena waterford road. route 100, overturned vehe there as well. accident on eastbound lanes of route 100. you're going to see the fort mchenry tunnel northbound. still closed with the mccoma street entrance ramp for snow removal. pretty quiet on the jfx. jamie and megan, back to you. >>> 5:32. it's like we're flinching. we know we're going to get hit where it hurts. >> the frustrating part is there's nothing we can do. >> linda sow is out there, trying to get out before the new one starts. >> reporter: a lot of people need to get out, but some literally cannot because their street hasn't been plowed. this is john. what's the situation on your street? >> well, 5100 block of craig avenue, the center of the roadway is like this. what you're seeing right here. frozen on top, snow on the bottom, there's no way, like i say, i don't own a truck and i wouldn't even try to
are you now? >> we're on pennsylvania avenue. let me clarify. tonight we're being driven. we have a professional driver, rick higgins. we're on pennsylvania avenue at about 6th street. we're in traffic. the problem as tom sherwood just identified is when you get to the intersections, the boxes get clogged, move slowly as people try to get out of the city and out to the suburbs. we went through the entire area. maryland, virginia, the district. here's the situation we found in virginia. commuters who come in on 95, the gw parkway and 66 say the snow has made driving a slow go. >> it takes approximately two to three hours to drive in from the mt. vernon area along the parkway just to come approximately 12 miles to work. it takes approximately the same amount just to drive home every day. so i'm driving about five hours to work an eight-hour day. >> that's the frustration for so many motorists in our area. the commute time, they say when they get past the beltway or out to the suburbs it seems to be better but in the district with the right lane often clogged with snow or disappearin
, richard sack reed dees and pennsylvania governor, ed rendell. if you are just joining us, mullen is the hospital tonight with a couple of accidents put n he is okay that is the good news. we will talk more about it here "the ed show." stay with us. you are watching msnbc. here, kitty! here, kitty! oh, just come snuggle with momma! missing something? now at sears optical, get 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99. with bifocals just $25 more per pair. sears optical. don't miss a thing. >>> coming up on the ed show here on msnbc, we will visit with some of the closest friends of bill clinton, the lifestyle of bill clinton, the hard-charging, unselfish former president is in the hospital tonight after a heart procedure where he received two accidents. we will tell you all about it when we come back. stay with us. national car rental knows i'm picky. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. ♪ ♪ when it comes to protecting the things you care a
part of the day. it will pull out the cold air from pennsylvania. men 20's by later this afternoon. it pushes up the coast. we should get another five or 6 inches. this is what we are ready have. this is what came down last night. this is what we expect by the time the storm goes away this evening. 10-15 inches total. 5-10 inches on the eastern shore. the bull's eye will be in southeastern pennsylvania or cecil county. this will be a significant storm. it may not look like that a few hours ago, but it will be. snow showers are likely tonight. cold conditions with temperatures around 23 degrees. we get a little break thursday and friday and may be another storm saturday. light snow is talking of -- it should occur on saturday and monday. let's check the roads. >> we are tracking several problems. it's very difficult commute. freezing rain and a layer of snow over that. it is not a good morning to be on the roads. stay home if you can. the latest problem in bel air, and accident there. southbound 95 approaching the beltway, a disabled vehicle. 8 miles per hour in that area. a slow go
north and east of us. as we go to live doppler hd you will see the snow creeping in from pennsylvania down toward us. let's get off of this and go to the computer. up to the north, baltimore and so we see the heavier know. watch for that as woe go thoughout the morning. 28 for the temperature in frederick. 31 in town. 32 quantico and when you factor in the winds, wind chills lower teens in the shenandoah valley. our wind chill is 18 and our temperatures are going to only make it to the mid-30s today with a high wind warning until 6:00. winter weather advisory north and east until noon. angie? >> we will look at the road conditions right now. looks like we are dealing with issues early on. beginning 270 northbound. this accident has the interstate closed between the capital beltway and old georgetown road. going southbound okay, no incidents or accidents to report. moving over to the kensington parkway, closed between beach drive and connecticut because of weather-related incident. we have downed wires that howard talked about. we will see that so be alarmed. take connecticut to beach
through to bat mr to the pennsylvania -- baltimore to the pennsylvania border. we've got a couple of systems. the ones we just showed you. these are going to be merging. they're going to transfer their energy to a coastal low. that is going to head its way up the mid-atlantic to the northeast. this is what we're talking about in terms of giving us winter precipitation as we move through to the period. 12 noon starts to move its way into the south where the watch is for the extending. we have a bit of a mix and some rain. by midday on wednesday still in the area. the winter storm watch as i said in effect tuesday and wednesday. we'll keep an eye on it and let you snow what could be happening in terms of accumulations. >> thank you. >>> that does it for us. want news and information 24/7 fox 5 always on. >> when are we going to go sledding, maureen? >> we could go now. >> maybe tomorrow. >>> thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. be safe tomorrow. the roads are going to be slick. take care.  now, the key to a really good family calendar is sticky note
of pennsylvania and not related to the approaching storm. this is coming into the ohio river valley, beginning to move east. a mix of precipitation in kentucky and tennessee, along the mississippi river, an agent of the complications that will arise when this comes into our area -- an agent of the complications -- and they can -- a hint of the complications that will arise when this comes into our area. it will lack a lot of moisture, so that is good. whatever comes into our area, it will not equal the last couple of storms. let's take a look at what happened outside today. temperatures alit below average. 44 is a typical temperature for this time of the year be a at the inner harbor, 40. no precipitation today, too warm for that. there was a trace in some parts of town, but not in the official bucket. chestertown, 33. parkton, 31. the same with westminster. a couple of locations of but below freezing. the skiers have had some good news here. the satellite pictures showing the storm. this is a clipper that came out of canada, right across the northern plains. again, limited moisture with these
, and boldin. pennsylvania @ anne arundel streak -- street. a water main break. several problems. keep your speeds down. the roads look like they are clear, but they may not be. southpaw traffic is coming toward us. j.f.x. is in great shape. northbound et 648, an accident coming in. back to you. >> the snow vacation comes to an end for students. >> major districts are opening. jennifer franciotti as more details. >> it is a mixed bag. parents are ready for the students to go back to school. they are concerned about the safety of their children. the conditions are not ideal. >> paris joined forces trying to clear a safe path to this elementary school. >> it is not that bad. it is the places where they have plowed and the salts are frozen solid. >> schools are opening two hours late to give students time to navigate the areas. >> we want them at school during daylight hours. >> districts are taking the same approach. attendance could be a problem fort certain schools. walkers would have to go through uncleared sidewalks or step out into a busy street. she does not have a safe way to get to sc
outside and draw on pennsylvania avenue. -- and dry on pennsylvania avenue. 23 degrees in alexandria. gw university downtown, 31 degrees after a high of 40, so a little bit of melting going on. about 14.5 inches of snow at reagan national airport. 26 in suitland, merrill lynch. temperatures are actually expected to rise -- 26 in suitland, maryland. we will look for lighter amounts of snow for the day tomorrow, and that will mix in with some sleet and freezing rain and then change over as below it pressure exits. -- as the low pressure exits. this will intensify off of the new jersey coast. how much do we expect? probably about one or two inches by tuesday morning for the district and fairfax and arlington, but in the south, charles, st. mary's, calvert counties, lighter amounts. a greater amount to the north and west, around frederick county. no advisories, know what is to speak of around the immediate manager area, -- no advisories, no watches to speak of around the immediate metro area. as we head outo the west -- look for rain, sleet, snow in the afternoon, a combination. near5 for th
on the tellite, a fair amount of snow showers organizing to pennsylvania. that is drifting south. most of that has avoided us. we could see some snow showers and flurries. i will keep an eye on that. there may be snow shower activity later on tonight. thee cold air keeps coming. temperatures will creep up into the mid 40's. -- low 40's. 42 in the afternoon. the breezes will be back. in our 7 day, we have a good stretch going. look at the numbers. that is warmer than we have been. it is below average, but we will take it. the next chance of an organized weather system looks to come our way monday. we will tell you if it will be rain, snow, sleet or all of the above. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >>> drum roll, please. tiger woods is about to speak. >> this has been well orchestrated. he will finally speak for the first time since the sex scandal began three months ago. he will make a statement on friday at 3:00 p.m. he will read a statement during a tournament, which is ironic because it was one of the first sponsors to drop
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